How To Install Burpsuite in your system

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Hi guys, in this tutorial we are gonna a see a step by step tutorial on how to Install burpsuite in your linux/windows/mac machine.

Step 1: visit this url to download the setup file and click the download the latest version option

And choose your current operating system and download the file. it will be less than 200mb

Step 2: if you are using Windows/Mac operating system, then the installing is very simple, just open the download file and click next, next to install the software or if you are using linux go to the next step

Step 3: This step is for linux users. if you downloaded the file for linux system you will get a file named “” . it a bash script file. you need to run this file correctly to install the software

  • open a terminal and navigate to the folder where the downloaded file is present and check using ls command.
  • and type this command “chmod +x” to give the run permission for the downloaded file, so that we can install it. here the syntax is chmod +x filename , the filename may be different for you so use the correct name there.
  • now run the file using this command “./” , the syntax used is (DOT) followed by backslash followed by filename “./filename
  • sometimes the above command may run into permission errors, so in order to avoid that add sudo in front of those commands. it will ask for password. after that it will install the software.

Step 4: If you followed our steps, the software will be successfully installed and you can open and use it.

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